Training Videos

Take a look at the videos below to learn more about both the online version of CGT Reporter in the cloud and also, the Windows version that has been loved by accountants for over a decade.

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Hitting the market in July 2013, the newly redeveloped cloud-based version of the much-loved CGT Reporter is being launched as a module within CCH's integrated accounting suite, CCH iFirm. The market-leading solution for CGT-related tax data can now be accessed from anywhere with internet access. A sleek new look-and-feel is being complemented by our customers' most requested enhancement - daily security prices.

Take a look at these how-to videos to get started.

1. Logging Into CGT Reporter via CCH iFirm

Learn how to log into the new cloud version of CGT Reporter via CCH iFirm.


2. Creating CGT Reporter User Accounts in CCH iFirm

Learn how to add your users to CCH iFirm and by doing so, provide them with access to CGT Reporter in the cloud.


3. Searching for Securities in CGT Reporter in the Cloud

Learn how to search for publicly-listed securities in CGT Reporter and how to navigate through years of tax data instantly.


4. Launching Source Documents in CGT Reporter in the Cloud

Learn how to launch source documents and supporting documentation in CGT Reporter that helps you drill down into complicated tax matters to gain a greater understanding.


5. Using Calculators in CGT Reporter in the Cloud

Learn how to use the Trusts' Distribution Calculator for information on trusts' final distributions and tax-deferred components; the Stapled Securities Calculator to instantly view different asset proportions; and the Demerger Calculator for calculating how to split the stock when a demerger occurs.


6. How to Export PDFs in CGT Reporter in the Cloud

Learn how to export PDF reports from CGT Reporter to neatly output its information into well-formatted reports for clients.

7. How to Export to Microsoft Excel in CGT Reporter in the Cloud

Learn how to export information into Microsoft Excel. Here, we export yearly security prices into Excel for import into BGL.


Take a look at the exciting cloud version of the CGT Reporter Worksheet System, due for release in Q4 2014.

1. Portfolio Reconstruction Moving Forwards from an Acquisition

In this example, you'll see the power of the CGT Reporter Worksheet System as it instantly reconstructs a pre-CGT share holding within seconds. You'll see how easy it is to quickly produce a report in either PDF or Excel format that includes accurate numbers for all dividends paid, DRPs issued and corporate actions that changed the shareholding over the years, along with all pre-CGT, discounted CGT and full CGT calculations you need.

2. Portfolio Reconstruction Moving Backwards from a Sell

In this example, you'll see the power of the CGT Reporter Worksheet System as it shows off it's market-leading technology to reconstruct a portfolio back to the 90s using nothing but the information from the sale. Watch as the system uses its accurate and reliable tax database (stretching back to 1985) to rebuild an entire portfolio history including DRPs, cash issues and other corporate actions to quickly establish a cost base when no other information is provided by estimating backwards through time.


From time to time, we conduct workshops showing subscribers how to fully utilise CGT Reporter and its worksheet software. Take a look below at some of the key areas covered.

1. CGT Reporter Basics - Accessing Information

In this video, we will introduce you to the basics of how to find CGT-related data within CGT Reporter - dividends, corporate actions, security prices, source documents, corporate websites, and share registries.

2. CGT Reporter Basics - Using the Calculators

In this video, we will expand on the basics by introducing you to finding information on trust distributions, opening calculators for trust distributions, tax-deferred components, and stapled securities, exporting security prices into Microsoft Excel, and accessing data on companies that have failed, delisted, merged or been taken over.

3. CGT Reporter Worksheets - Part 1 (Intermediate)

This video introduces you to the power of the CGT Reporter Worksheet System by recreating a pre-CGT shareholding all the way back to 1985. We start by adding a holding in 1985 and then instantly rebuild its history all the way to 2012, automatically factoring in all DRPs, cash issues, and corporate actions. Then, we show you how to produce PDF reports and how to export the information into Microsoft Excel.

4. CGT Reporter Worksheets - Part 2 (Intermediate)

This video demonstrates the powerful and time-saving ability of the CGT Reporter Worksheet System to create a shareholding history moving backwards in time from the point of sale, again factoring in all DRPs, cash issues, and corporate actions. In this example, we use a trust distribution and show you how to instantly report on years of tax-deferred components.