Well rounded, technically accurate software.

Karel Kung
Crowe Horwath

This CGT Reporter Portfolio Worksheet Software will save us time in the future & be of benefit to our business. The calculators are easy to use and very helpful. We would recommend this software to anyone interested.

Raylene Sleeman
Berwick Taxation Services

I found it most beneficial to recreate an old portfolio for a new client where we had only part of the history - the system was able to help us workout the gaps or at least make informed choices. The automatic input of known DRPs and corporate actions as well as the automatic recording of tax deferred adjustments to the CGT cost base was also very useful.

Peter Stening
Sage Super

CGT worksheets is the only practical way to fill in the gaps for old portfolios and solve client's CGT issues for a reasonable cost.

Lucas Lopez
Holden & Bolster Avenir

It pretty much does everything that we need it to do. It's rare that I ever had to go anywhere other than CGT Reporter to find what I needed.

Nell Purser
RJS Accounting Services

The capital changes area is so valuable. I use the dividend information, the capital changes, the history, but I don't export share prices. I think I could do more with it, but I've never walked away from the program disappointed.

Andrew Vautin
Bundaberg Tax & Accounting

It's a concise and reliable product, and saves us time.

Paul Muir
Mallinson Binks & Muir

The idea of conducting these training webinars is great as I had no idea that all of the calculators demonstrated today actually existed. I'm also aware now of the extent of the material available and will be able to make better use of the product. I'm also looking forward to attending my next CGT webinar. Thank you.

Jan Swift
Jan Swift Accounting

The price, considering the work that goes into it, is quite reasonable.

John Brinkworth
Aberfoyle Accounting

When I moved to another firm, I got them using it.

Daniel Lidonnici
Coghlans Accountants

I've worked in three places and recommended the product to the last two.

Paul Grafton
Dry Kirkness CAs

It's a fairly basic module. It's very user friendly.

Daniel Lidonnici
Coghlans Accountants

"Was pleased to find that the Foundation training was included as part of the CGT Reporter purchase as we found the software hard to use without some grounding in basic commands. Will look at extending our knowledge by further training sessions as we gain a better understanding of what we'll use CGT Reporter for - Thanks!"

Kylie White
Callaghans Accountants

"I was very impressed that CCH were prepared to give us training in the office; which is probably the best learning situation."

Maureen Faulkner
Jones/Baker Accountants & Business Advisors