Technical Support Contacts

Phone: 1800 836 869
Tech Support Email:

Technical support is usually available by phone or email, between 8:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday Australian eastern standard time. If support staff is not available when you ring, your phone call should be returned within 24 hours.

Technical support does not include substantial training in the CGT worksheet system, for which we have workshops available. However we are happy to step through simple examples or explain how to handle specific situations for you.

Before ringing or emailing for technical support, please check below to see if your problem and solution are already listed.

Topics Covered on This Page

- CGT Reporter July 2014 Support FAQs
- Patches & Software Fixes to Your CGT Reporter Software
- Common Problems & Their Solutions (Installation Problems, Operational Problems, Worksheet Problems)

CGT Reporter July 2014 Support FAQs

Q: When will the updated tax data be available in CGT Reporter?
A: You can expect to find updated tax data (to June 30, 2014) within CGT Reporter from Monday the 7th of July 2014 by simply logging into your CCH iFirm site. You will then automatically receive updated tax data and software as and when it becomes available.

Q: When will the desktop version be available to download and how will I access it?
A: The desktop version will be available to download on Monday the 14th of July. To access the download, you will need to log into your CCH iFirm site where a link to the software build will be made available from the ‘Announcements’ page. A link to the Announcements section is located on the top right-hand side of your iFirm site.

Q: When will the tax data be updated?
A: Quarterly, with the October Trusts Tax Components Update scheduled to go live in October; the Mid-Year Update scheduled to go live in January; and the final update going live in April 2015.

Q: What do I need to do to update the tax data?
A: If you are using the online version of CGT Reporter, nothing! Simply log into your CCH iFirm site - updates to tax data and software are deployed automatically. For desktop users, your firm will receive notification via email when updates are available, with information on how to download, install and register the software. Registration is only required once per user, and will not be required when you install the updates provided the user has already registered for the July release.

Q: When will CGT Reporter’s cloud-based Worksheet System be available?
A: The new-and-improved online Worksheet System will be available to customers in Q4, 2014. Worksheet users are therefore advised to remain with the desktop version for portfolio work until we notify you of the release date closer to the time. CCH is committed to providing your firm with a smooth transition to the online Worksheet System, and will be in contact with your firm to lock in a date when you can join us for a complimentary webinar where we will showcase the new Worksheet System and get each and every one of your users up and running.

Q: Will I be able to import all of my worksheets from the desktop version into the online version of CGT Reporter?
A: Yes. We will provide a facility for you to import all of your worksheets into the online version and will provide you with detailed instructions on how to accomplish this.

Q: Can I gain access to the new online Worksheet System sooner?
A: For those who wish to participate in the beta testing program ahead of the release, please contact the Product Manager, Brad Morris to express interest in getting involved. The beta version will not allow you to import your desktop worksheets at that time, and is only available to a limited number of firms who meet certain criteria.

Q: Is the Worksheet System included with my subscription to CGT Reporter or at an additional cost?
A: The Worksheet System is included at no additional charge.

Q: I’m new to CGT Reporter’s Worksheet System - can I import my clients’ portfolios into CGT Reporter from another system?
A: Yes. We will provide a facility for you to import all of your clients’ portfolios into CGT Reporter via CSV/Microsoft Excel (yet to be finalised). You will need to prepare the information in a particular format that will be recognised by the CCH iFirm Client Module and the CGT Reporter Worksheet System. We will provide guidelines on this for you.

Q: Do I need to create a unique user account in CCH iFirm for each user of CGT Reporter?
A: Yes. Creating user accounts for your staff in CCH iFirm is quick and easy - learn how to add users here. Beyond CGT Reporter’s End User Licence Agreement that each individual be correctly licensed, those firms who decide to take advantage of other CCH iFirm modules in the future will need each staff member to have an account. This is because job, workflow and resource-driven activities need to be assigned to individuals in your firm, who have their own capacity, hourly rate, and requirements for content and privacy.

Q: Where can I find my iFirm site address and password?
A: Contact support on 1800 836 869 if you do not have the URL for your firm’s CCH iFirm site. If you do have the URL, administrators can learn how to log in here whilst general users can learn how to log in here. Please note - your nominated administrator needs to create each user’s account before users can log in. Once your account has been created for you, you will receive a system-generated email with your access details.

Patches & Software Fixes to Your CGT Reporter Software

We provide patches from time to time which correct bugs and add features to your CGT Reporter. Select from the links below to download current patches.

Click here to see the latest software patch (January 2013).

Worksheet Tips & Techniques from the CGT Reporter Workshops:
Click here to download the current Tips & Techniques file in PDF format

Special Utility to Bulk Delete Duplicated Holdings:
Warning: improper use will destroy your worksheet data

Click here to download the Bulk Delete Holdings Utility

Common Problems & Their Solutions

  1. Installation Problems
    1. Symptom: Installation asks for a second disk (or similar) or installation fails
      Possible Cause: Installation software conflict with operating software such as Norton (Symantec) Antivirus Corporate Edition
      Solution: Disable conflicting software during installation (can be enabled after installation completed)
      Possible Cause: Read angle of laser on DVD reader out of alignment (our disks can be a little temperamental)
      Solution: Replace DVD reader or use another DVD reader
      Possible Cause: Faulty DVD
      Solution: Get replacement DVD sent from our office
  2. Operational Problems
    1. Symptom: CGT Reporter tells you that your registration has expired
      Possible Cause: Software has not yet been registered Solution: Press OK and follow the prompts to register the software by email, fax or phone
      Possible Cause: You are looking at a version of CGT Reporter prior to July 2007 (press OK and look at the blue title line)
      Solution: Subscribe to the current year's CGT Reporter - CGT Reporter is a yearly renewable license expiring July each year
      Possible Cause: We supplied you with an out-dated security file - this happened to a few site license and 8-PC license CGT Reporter DVDs in a past year
      Solution: Email CGT Reporter Technical Support, asking for a replacement security file (provide your company and license details)

      Symptom: CGT Reporter tells you that you are not registered for use on this computer
      Possible Cause: You are trying to use CGT Reporter from a PC which exceeds your licensing
      Solution: Obtain additional licenses or restrict use to PCs which have already used CGT Reporter
      Possible Cause: PCs or terminals which were using CGT Reporter have been replaced
      Solution: Email CGT Reporter Technical Support, asking for a "reset" file (provide your company and license details)
      Possible Cause: A write error on your computer has resulted in the wrong PC data being held
      Solution: Email CGT Reporter Technical Support, asking for a "reset" file (provide your company and license details)

      Symptom: CGT Reporter runs (and/or starts) very slowly across the network
      Possible Cause: local AntiVirus software settings are wrong
      Likely Solution: Change local AntiVirus settings to only check local drives. Also set antivirus to ignore *.tps files
      Possible Cause: Running CGT Reporter across a "wide area network or other very slow network"
      Likely Solution: Consider using a non-network installation or a faster network - CGT Reporter is NOT optimised for slow networks
  3. Worksheet Problems
    1. Symptom: Last year's clients do not show this year's dividends and issues
      Probable Cause: Your worksheet data needs to be refreshed each time new CGT Reporter data is added (e.g. trust update)
      Solution Method 1 (single client): In the Worksheet Data Entry window, click on the 'Refresh This Client' button
      Solution Method 2 (all clients): Go to (Menu) Worksheets → Update All Clients → Start Update

      Symptom: Worksheet data is getting corrupted across the network
      Possible Cause: Your electricity supply is inconsistent (i.e. you are getting "brown-outs") - this will result in errors in other software as well
      Solution: Use a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) attached to your PC and server
      Possible Cause: Your PC and Server Microsoft Windows database-handling settings need adjustment
      Solution Part 1 on every PC: Get your IT consultant to update the Windows Registry on each PC with the following registry entry link - Switch Off Lazy Writes on Client PC
      Solution Part 2 at the server: Get your IT consultant to update the Windows Registry on the server with the following registry entry link - Switch Off Lazy Writes on Server