History of the CGT Reporter

Founding and Expansion


The business of CGT Reporter was founded in 1979 when Paul Nothman established ‘Financial Analysis Publications’ as the basis of a financial research publishing business. His early works included ‘Mining Boom 1980’, ‘Annual Industrial Review’, ‘Annual Mining Review’, ‘Glossary of Stock Exchange, Mining & Oil Terms’, ‘Annual Summary of Dividends, Issues & Delistings’ and ‘Annual Tax Record’. The latter two publications were the foundation upon which CGT Reporter was ultimately built. Interestingly some of the clients from those very books remain subscribers in 2012.

As the business grew and its need for technology expanded, in 1985 it took on the services of an IT consultant, Warren Marshall, who remains with the business until today.

Like many businesses that started in the spare room or garage, it expanded and, at its peak, had some 20 people who contributed to its financial research-oriented products. Some of those business data products were later passed on to other parties.


In the late 1990s, the emphasis of part of the business switched from a consumer and stock market orientation so that it could concentrate on its principal products, the tax-oriented publications, which ultimately became what is now CGT Reporter.

By providing the best quality data, very keen pricing, early product delivery, and with an extraordinary marketing effort, the business was able to compete against many larger existing players in the market place and they then ceased their tax-oriented publications in the face of relentless competition. This included the annual tax reference publishing operations of such well-known brands as ANZ Bank, ASX, Centre for Professional Development, and J.B. Were.

A Leap Forward


In 2001, it was decided to make an electronic version of the data providing access to information back to 1985. By assembling the previously researched and published data in a screen-based system with easy access, the initial ‘Dividends on Disk’ product was able to offer a superior level of access to historical dividend data.

In 2002, the previously researched capital moves information was integrated into the product and it changed name to C.G.T. Reporter to reflect its application.

In 2003 the CGT orientation of the offering was substantially expanded by the addition of ‘Source Documents’, being PDF copies of consequential announcements, the addition of Monthly Price Histories. Much of that initial data was copies of material which had been researched back in the initial formative years of the business and, twenty years later, was assembled and published.


The next major milestone for the business was in 2004/5 when Paul’s three sons, headed by Simon Nothman, took a very active interest in the CGT Reporter business and greatly developed the application of software that aided accountants in the assembly and computation of CGT data.

The impetus and drive from these new contributors had a major impact on the CGT Reporter product and allowed for a new entity to be formed to be responsible for the data applications.

With the added application software, the product developed a ‘Deluxe’ version which offered the enhanced software and data. It also expand its offering with the addition of two updates during the year for Trusts’ Tax Components and a mid-year update.

The following years saw a consolidation and expansion of its market role as the tax industry’s premiere supplier of CGT-related data while further enhancements to the CGTR software, based on clients’ input, helped lift the functionality of the product.

Under New Management


CGT Reporter reached a critical point in 2009/10 when the owners decided to find a suitable buyer for the business. At that time the business had reached a crossroads that it needed to develop its IT delivery and further enhance its data and computation offerings.

After initial discussions between the business founder and Wolters Kluwer, the parties realised that a union would be an excellent option for both parties. CCH would be able to join with a stablemate that offered a product comparable with what the Wolters Kluwer business was already offering in the USA and Europe and the founders of the business knew that their product and customers would be managed by a competent team of like-minded professionals who were prepared to make a major IT investment in the CGT Reporter business to take it to the next level of delivery and proficiency.


In October 2011, various Nothman family members sold their interests in the CGT Reporter business to Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific. The bulk of the CGT Reporter team joined WKAP and relocated to its offices in North Ryde where they continued to ply their skills to their best level of input. Both parties are now working as one in trying to deliver a better product that reflects users’ expanding CGT information and application needs.

The 2011/12 edition of CGTR created a new milestone with its fastest ever data delivery to clients based on WKAP’s established online resources, finalising the product, and shipping it to market prior to midnight on June 30, 2012.

WKAP is committed to lifting the quality of the data, improving the utility of the computation software, improving clients’ knowledge of CGTR’s data extract and manipulation, and offering clients direct data downloads. Significant effort and resources are being invested to the redevelopment of the functionalities of the software whilst ensuring the continued maintenance of the highest quality tax data for the products.