Continuing Professional Development

With the introduction of our new COMPLIMENTARY Foundation Training webinar and plans to offer you progressively more advanced training courses to show you how to unlock the true power of CGT Reporter, we thought you’d like to know the answer to the question:

“Does this count towards my CPD?”

The bottom line is: “Yes it does!”

We have consulted with ICAA, CPA Australia as well as IPA and we can confirm that our CGT Reporter training sessions represent verifiable CPD hours on an hour-for-hour basis.

So make sure you record your hours online with your professional body, or in your own CPD records.

If you can’t remember exactly when you completed the course, just drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to provide all the relevant details for your records.

Note: Remember to include the relevant code for your specialist area
           e.g. ‘T’ for Tax Agent or ‘S’ for SMSF Auditor

Note: Code ‘b’ would apply for a workshop or webinar training.
           Code ‘d’ would be applicable if the training is delivered in-house.