CGT Reporter Worksheets

Manually building a record of your client’s DRP allotments or working out the tax deferred component of each quarterly distribution for the past 15 years can take hours. Using a spreadsheet to calculate the capital gains tax on a partially pre-CGT holding can take days! These are tasks which take just minutes using our unique CGT Worksheet System.

Easier to use than ever before, the CGT Worksheet System (part of the Deluxe Version) takes the drudgery out of CGT and superannuation compliance. It saves you a huge amount of time by automating and simplifying many repetitive time-consuming tasks you would normally have to painstakingly do by hand for your clients.

With the CGT Worksheet System, you just enter your client’s purchases and the software builds the rest of the client history for you, automatically inserting dividends, DRPs, share splits, and so much more. You can update ALL of your clients’ data for a new tax year with the touch of a button!

Has your client come to you with no records apart from the sale? If your client is missing documentation, you can save hours of research and calculation by using CGT Reporter’s Worksheet System – simply reconstruct your client’s share history backwards based on the sale alone! You can go from just a sale to a full CGT Worksheet in moments instead of hours.

Take a look at a sample worksheet report generated by CGT Reporter with dividend and DRP information.

CGT Reporter Worksheet Dividends & DRPs

Click here to look at a sample worksheet report on a trust distribution showing all trust distributions and tax-deferred components.

CGT Reporter Worksheet Distributions & Tex Deferred
  1. Dividend Worksheet / Distribution Worksheet
    1. Having built a client’s portfolio, it takes just seconds to generate the dividend and distribution reports for income tax. Updating for subsequent years’ data takes just moments, not hours. You can even export the reports to Microsoft Excel, which allows you to easily import the data into your tax or practice management software.
  2. Superannuation Audit / Portfolio Valuation / Pension Worksheets
    1. Annual superannuation or portfolio valuation statements take just seconds to produce using the superannuation worksheet facility, which automatically incorporates year-end share prices from CGT Reporter. We show current year/prior year cost bases adjusted for capital returns and for actual cost of sales, and even unrealised capital gain in the current year. The data is split between listed and unlisted assets and further subdivided into shares, units, income securities, stapleds, and other assets. Like all our worksheets, you can export as CSV to Microsoft Excel, Open Office, and other software solutions.

      Now you can build a pension worksheet at any date, quickly obtaining a portfolio valuation at that date. Where share prices are available in CGT Reporter (month-end prices), they are automatically inserted into the valuation to save you time and effort.
  3. Capital Gains Tax Worksheets
    1. The CGT worksheet lays out all the transactions related to the sale of securities, making CGT calculations fast and easy. Tax-deferreds, and other capital returns are calculated and presented for you. Going from a sale (including DRPs, multiple corporate events such as share splits and cash issues, tax-deferreds and more) to a completed CGT calculation can take as little as 5 minutes! Even pre-CGT is handled with consummate ease, turning this terrifying beast into a mewling kitten.
  4. Turning Complex to Simple, Impossible to Easy,
    Slow into Fast & Costly to Lucrative
    1. The CGT worksheet system can revolutionise the time and effort you expend on your clients’ securities accounting, replacing long arduous sessions in Microsoft Excel by short bursts of productive work using CGT Reporter. You owe it to yourself to give it a go.

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