CGT Reporter Software (Deluxe Version)

CGT Reporter provides historical dividend, corporate action and share price data for every publicly-listed company and trust in Australia back to 1985. It is an essential tool for accountants dealing with investments and capital gains tax and provides powerful tools to drastically reduce the amount of time required to calculate and report on CGT-related events for clients' tax returns and for administering/auditing self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs).

CGT Reporter Deluxe also offers worksheet software which saves accountants and portfolio administrators a huge amount of time with recreating shareholding histories over several years, automatically factoring in all dividends and distributions paid, DRPs, tax-deferred components and capital changes to instantly produce PDF reports and to export into Microsoft Excel.

From July 2013, the beta version of the newly redeveloped cloud-based version of the much-loved CGT Reporter is now available as a module within CCH's integrated accounting suite, CCH iFirm. The market-leading solution for CGT-related tax data can now be accessed from anywhere with internet access. A sleek new look-and-feel is being complemented by our customers' most requested enhancement - daily security prices.

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  1. Company Coverage
    1. CGT Reporter provides details on:
      • Every company presently listed on the ASX, BSX or NSX
      • Locating companies, trusts, and funds - our search locator navigates you quickly through the 12,000 entities covered by CGT Reporter
      • For companies that have changed name, all data is shown under the latest name and fully cross-referenced back to earlier names
  2. Dividend Data
    1. CGT Reporter covers dividends paid since 1985 showing all tax-relevant events:
      • The cents dividend/distribution paid per share
      • The franking level on each dividend
      • The tax rate applicable to the franking
      • The relevant dates: when paid, books closing, period covered
      • Tax-deferred and tax-free components with each trust distribution
      • The issue price for shares issued under DRP, bonus share plans and BEP schemes etc.
      • Special dividends paid as in-specie distributions or as part of buy-back schemes
  3. Corporate Actions
    1. CGT Reporter details all corporate actions so that users can reconcile holdings over time and know all relevant events, such as:
      • Share issues: amount paid, ratios, dates
      • Prices paid under share purchase plans, placements, priority offers etc.
      • Returns of capital, equal access buy-backs, in-specie distributions, and more
      • Splits, consolidations, calls, bonus issues, and other capital gains tax events
      • Takeover and merger terms and considerations
      • Flotation details: amount paid and date
      • ATO values on demutualisations and off-market buy-backs
      • Suspensions and delistings
      • External administrations and failures
  4. Source Documents
    1. Ranging back to 1985, these documents help accountants with complex tax matters by allowing them to refer to an authority. These PDF files include details on events such as ATO rulings, off-market buy-backs, tax losses on failure, and stapling events.

  5. June 30th Share Prices
    1. CGT Reporter shows each company's share price as at 30th of June each year, usually back to 1985. It also covers secondary securities like preference shares, options, and notes.
  6. Company Data Printouts
    1. Data shown in CGT Reporter is easily printed into a neat, standardised presentation.
  7. Help Hotline
    1. Our dedicated staff may be able to help track down information on unlisted entities and clarify unusual or complex events. However, we can't give advice on accounting and tax treatment, merely clarify the facts about an event. For assistance, please call 1300 300 224.
  8. Share Price History Since 1985
    1. A major problem for accountants is when their clients forget to record the price at which they purchased shares. Until now, tracking down such prices was hard work fraught with difficulty.

      A Deluxe feature in CGT Reporter includes monthly share prices since 1985, which shows the high, low and last price for each month. It even shows data on companies that are no longer listed.
  9. Export Share Prices as at June 30
    1. In addition to displaying 30th of June prices, the export facility allows users to export prices to Microsoft Excel (or any other spreadsheet software), so you can then import the prices into your superannuation or practice management software.
  10. Share Registry, Corporate & Trust Website Details
    1. We provide share registry data on each company, including postal address, telephone, fax number, website, and email address, hyperlinked so you can email directly or go straight to the registry website. In addition, we make the company's website instantly accessible.
  11. Worksheet Software
    1. Our unique worksheets system allows you to store a client’s investment portfolio, automatically populating it with dividends, DRPs, and capital changes since 1985, and then effortlessly gives you invaluable reports such as:
      • Annual dividend and distribution reports for income tax
      • Fully itemised Capital Gains calculations for CGT
      • Financial year or date-specific portfolio valuations including exact (not estimated) cost bases

      Learn more about how the worksheet feature can save you hours of research and data entry.
  12. Data Updating Service
    1. Subscribers enjoy two updates during the year. In October, we deliver the Trusts' Tax Update with information on all publicly-listed trusts' final distribnutions and tax-deferred components (including an update to the Trusts Tax Calculator) and in January, we deliver the Mid-Year Update that includes all tax CGT data up to 31 December.

      Learn more about the updates.
  13. On-screen Calculators
    1. CGT Reporter has developed some easy-to-use on-screen calculators to assist accountants and tax specialists in ascertaining values for:
      • Demerger cost base splits
      • Stapled portions cost base splits
      • Trusts’ tax components for income tax
  14. Training Workshops
    1. Expand your techniques in handling the CGT Reporter software with our BASIC and ADVANCED workshops. Workshops are held in major capital cities and some regional centres across Australia.

      Free training videos are also available in the website, to get you started on the basics of CGT Reporter, with our compliments.

      Learn more about the training workshops.

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