Annual Dividend Book

Annual Dividend Book

This 300+ page book provides relevant dividend, corporate action, and share price data for the most recent tax year. It details every listed company in alphabetical order and displays easy-to-read and consistent tax data. Published annually in July since 1989, the Annual Dividend Book is the leading and most widely-used reference of its kind in Australia, covering all ASX-listed companies. It provides users with ALL of the data needed for income tax and capital gains tax in a simple, easy-to-use format.

The Annual Dividend Book includes:

  • Detailed and accurate company coverage
  • Dividend data covering all dividends paid and all tax-relevant events for the most recent tax year
  • Detailed information on corporate actions for the reconciliation of holdings during the most recent tax year
  • Share prices as at 30th of June
  • Quick access to share registry and website details
  • Information on the tax impact of off-market buy-backs
  • The CGT-effect of demergers and in-specie capital returns
  • Australian Taxation Office class rulings
  • CGT values for mergers, takeovers, staplings, demutualisations, reconstructions, and more
  • A Help Hotline that may provide assistance with tracking down information on unlisted entities

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Annual Dividend Book

The CCH Annual Dividend eBook replicates the print edition while offering the additional value of quickly searching for entities, bookmarking and making notes.

A great option for accounting firms embracing new technology such as iPads, Android tablets and smartphones.

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Are you interested in instantly creating a library of securities-related information? If so, take advantage of the CGT Library Pack and receive the following six printed books for your shelf:

  • Annual Dividend Book 2008/2009
  • Annual Dividend Book 2009/2010
  • Annual Dividend Book 2010/2011
  • Annual Dividend Book 2011/2012
  • Register of Failed Companies (1985-2011)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions in Australia (1985-2012)


At a low $1,000 (ex. GST), this library pack is a great addition to any accounting firm or investor's collection and can be ordered from CCH by calling 02 9857 1699.